Why Choose Tea As A Gift To Your Loved Ones

Tea is Nature’s gift to man. A reunion with our loved one is most satisfying with a good cup of tea, thanks to its calming effect – we get to appreciate life’s finer touch with our dearest.

“Tea becomes a metaphor for a dramatic monologue by a lover. Like a relationship that grows between two lovers, the plain water and the tea depend upon each other to become flavorful, transforming both into something stronger” Chang Ts’o

I have to be hot, even boiled Before we consume each other; We have to hide, see and hold each other in water to decide a tea color.

Tea drinking is on the rise as people become aware blooming tea of the health benefits of drinking tea. A daily cuppa provides antioxidants, contributes sufficient daily fluid target and it contains low caffeine levels. Therefore, Teacuppa have created a few Valentine tea gift sets for this occasion.

1. Strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk of cancer 2. Prevent tooth decay and fight bad breath 3. Protect your heart 4. Build stronger bones 5. Prevent aging and cleanse your intestines 6. Eliminate body fat (do not add sugar, cream, honey or milk to your tea) 7. Boost memory and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease 8. Reduce blood sugar level (do not add sugar, cream, honey or milk to your tea) 9. Suitable for everyone from old to a young child 10. Simply delicious

Fancy giving flowers to your partner? Why used the same old traditional roses? Our blooming flower teas are unique and experience a cup of tea like never before. This handcrafted tea slowly unfurls, and turning into a beautiful flower bloom. Watching the petals open as you sip adds a soothing aesthetic to tea time. Your loved ones can sit and enjoy the beauty of the blooming flower tea which will remind them of you and your lovely gift.

Besides blooming flower Teacuppa have also created creative heart shaped boxes of fine Chinese teas. Your loved ones can sit and enjoy these delicious teas. Another unique package would be a heart shaped. Surprise your loved one today with our gift set. Most of the gift sets includes love tags and each Valentine gift set will come with a handmade card with a tea love poem and of course your very own personalized message.

With tea being labeled as an ideal healthy beverage, there is no reason why not to choose tea as a gift to your loved ones. Giving your loved one the very best in tea for any special occasion is definitely a great choice.

Teacupppa is accepting pre-order to their gift sets for Valentine to ensure your loved one receive it on time. Not only Valentine, but other occasions such as Baby Shower, Birthday, House Party, Corporate Party, etc Teacuppa has packages that suit your needs. Just remember that tea is Healthy, Delicious yet Elegant as a Gift!