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This contraption was first made itself known to the public, accordingly, during the times of the World War. The water wagon back then was used by military men to serve as their resource threshold of potable drinking water during times of war. Soon, the wagon was employed to serve people who have little or virtually no source of clean and potable tap water in their neighborhoods.

Nowadays, people make use of the wagon for water delivery services. Usually, and this is of course perfectly understandable, it is the water refilling stations that make use of wagons these days. Sometimes, wagons are also used to make watering gardens and farms easier, just like what they do on the stretches of grass on golf courses.

Water Wagon vs. Water Truck

There are basically two types of vehicles that are مويا known to transport water to places. There is, of course, as we have known a while ago, the wagon, and the other is the water truck. Now, what is the difference between the two? Basically, it is with the size. wagons are generally larger in size than the water truck. The water truck would suffice in providing water to small to medium size construction grading purposes, as well as for the use of a small to medium size water refilling and delivery station. On the other hand, the wagon is for more heavy duty and large scale purposes such as watering an entire community, maintaining moisture on large stretches of land, as well as compacting the soil for construction.

On the Sizes of Water Wagons

Water wagons come in a wide array of sizes pertaining to their capacity or load. The smallest wagons could carry up to 500 to around 1, 000 to 2, 000 gallons of water. On the other hand, wagons that are meant for community wide or larger scale purposes often have a considerably bigger capacity, ranging from 10, 000 gallons, 80, 000 gallons, and 600 to 700 barrels of water. There are also wagons with a size and capacity ranging from 3, 000 gallons to around 5, 000 gallons.

Where to Buy Water Wagons

Water wagons are generally available for sale wherever trucks, heavy machinery, and large scale construction and transportation equipment are sold. wagons can also be rented or bought on a lease, which may mean slashing on up front costs but will entitle the owner to monthly or annual fees, depending on his contract with the lessor.