St Bridget and the Jewels in Her Crown

Crown chakras on animals serve a similar cause to that of which we use our crown chakras as human energy facilities. This area is a wonderfully available point for the animal to receive energy from the Universal Source and to work on self-healings as well.

The animal’s crown chakra, also called the seventh chakra, is located on crystal crown pinnacle of his/her head among the animal’s ears. This chakra location is related to the colour of white or clear. There has been some debate approximately the sixth and seventh chakra centers and the colours associated with them, introducing indigo, violet, pink, clear and white colorings. There is not any right or incorrect way for either system to unfold. What is pleasant is to work through this vicinity as to what first-rate resonates inside you and the animal you’re running on for the restoration.

The 7th chakra is the electricity middle that offers with the animal’s connection to the Universe, Spirit, Universal Source, cosmic attention, oneness with all, and spirituality problems. When this chakra center isn’t always balanced or is blocked with stagnant or poor strength, the animal can emerge as depressed, feeling restrained, showing signs and symptoms of excessive tension issues, and feeling withdrawn. You want to make certain this chakra place is open, balanced, and resonating within the animal’s wishes. To do that use a crystal or aggregate or crystals, including Clear Quartz, Tanzanite, and Diamond.

For any type of recuperation on an animal, make certain you’re grounded, focused and method the recuperation consultation with an open heart and mind. When that is done you and the animal will each be thankful for the session you completed!