Social Media Cures Your Career in Music

Tweeting, Facebooking, MySpacing your spacing. Yeah? What are the ways to increase the amount of money you earn in your career in music? Perhaps you’re already working in the music industry but your online marketing abilities aren’t as good as, say Sony?  Find music

Here’s how we can help!

Let’s take a look at the social media websites. Social Media has become one of the fastest-growing online communities, and the most widely-reaching vehicles for almost every marketing strategy that is out there today. A friend of mine recently said to me and, ironically, via an Facebook message that “if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the World”. WOW!

It’s a huge benefit for musicians! Facebook lets you create ads Pages to advertise your band, and to invite “friends” to upcoming gigs. Twitter allows you to grow your following via music giveaway contests like “Name this next tune and we’ll shoot you a free.mp3 of it”. MySpace, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby all allow you to sell your music on their websites. It’s only a starting place.

That being said how would we feel if we told you that you could give away your music? I wonder. …, I am sure I’m not alone. Sounds crazy, right? Sure, it’s full-time but part-time or perhaps every now and then? Not so crazy.

I’ve found out more about “conversion ratios”. Conversion ratios are in fact the most important factor to promote your music and career on your site. This article will help you understand how your online marketing performance compares for, let’s say, company management for artists, music booking agents, or music promoters.

When a potential customer visits your website, they can browse around or purchase. The particular user is one of suppose 500 or so in during the month. Let’s say 10 percent of the 500 purchased something, spending on average around $10.00 for each item of music they purchased. The formula is like this:

$10.00 50 people x $10.00 equals $500.00 net monthly revenue for your website.

Remember, however that these numbers assume that people “converted” from browsing to purchasing, hence”conversion” or “conversion ratio”. This is the point where Social Media comes in. These websites must be boosted to the point that they’re all linked to your site to provide the appropriate type of traffic. Consider it as a kind of funnel to help you with you to sell your merchandise.

Use the formula using the same goal of 10% but with 9,000 unique visitors within a month since you’ve got all the Social Media connected to your website. It is possible to post a blog on your site on your last event. You can make it go out across all the channels at once – instantly to thousands of people through Twitter that can then be read by Facebook along with other social media platforms.

There’s a wealth of information here. We’ll help you maximize your career in music by teaching you how to use Social Media when you stop at our site. Internet Marketing for musicians, booking gigs and locating Music Agents all with the simple click of a button!