How to Care for Your Skin After Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Different lasers will produce different levels of results, depending on the nature of the skin issue. The longest lasting and more dramatic results are usually achieved with CO2 ablative lasers that are designed to treat deeper wrinkles, scars, warts, and other conspicuous skin flaws. Laser resurfacing (also called a laser peel, laser vaporization, and lasabrasion) is a cosmetic procedure used to provide a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance to the skin. The procedure removes superficial skin layers, stimulating the formation of new collagen fibers that lead to healthier, firmer, and tighter skin.

Men and women of all ages can correct issues present on the skin while also preventing skin concerns. Some lasers can even be combined to provide an even more noticeable and natural transformation. But while some over-the-counter creams and at-home tools may not do the job, you may be relieved to learn that energy-based treatments can rejuvenate and renew your appearance. The pulsed light emitted by the laser utilizes thermal energy in a way that accelerates skin cell turnover and stimulates the production of skin-supporting proteins in the sub-dermal layers of skin. This treatment is completely customizable and ideal for most skin types and conditions.

You may be given special ointments or moisturizers to use while your skin is recovering. You will not be able to use products containing Retinol or make-up for the first two weeks.

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Your face will be thoroughly cleaned before the non-ablative
laser facial treatment in the Scottsdale procedure, and a carbon-based peel will be used in the procedure. After that, the skin on your face will be rejuvenated using cutting-edge Q-switched laser equipment.

What skin issues are treated with laser resurfacing?

Moderne Medical Aesthetics is located in a beautiful and private, professional office in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our team of experienced and caring staff hold a high standard for providing exceptional patient care and personalized treatments tailored to your aesthetic desires and needs. After the treatment, your provider will cover the skin with a thick healing ointment and, if necessary, dressings. It is important to carefully wash and dry your face each morning and night for several days.

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These laser technologies provoke your body’s natural healing abilities to jumpstart the production of nutrients and proteins required for youthful, supple skin. Collagen and elastin work together to smoothen and tighten your tissues for a better facial appearance. Everything from weekend downtime to progressive resurfacing for very deep wrinkles and skin tightening, Pure Skin has the latest in laser technology to help you improve your skin health and appearance. Depending on your individual cosmetic goals, there are a few treatments that you can use in conjunction with laser rejuvenation.

At Quintessa, we are more than happy to help design a customized skincare plan to meet your post-laser treatment needs with our Aesthetic Advisor Program. Aesthetic needs are so unique that they require specific, personalized guidance. Having an expert Aesthetic Advisor can also save you money as you no longer need to experiment with products that may not be right for you. At Quintessa, we believe the true essence of beauty begins with relationships. That is why we do our best to understand how to best guide you through your skincare journey after laser treatment and help you maintain satisfactory results long term. Read more about Jeuveau here. Depending on the skin issues, a fractionated CO2 laser can be used as a full-face treatment or to spot isolated concerns, like specific spots, wrinkles, or scars. The effects of laser resurfacing can pay big dividends for the future if you practice good skin care habits.

It stimulates collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines while also evening out skin tone and improving overall appearance. Almost anyone interested in turning back the clock and restoring a beautiful, youthful complexion can benefit from laser resurfacing. Call Adean Kingston, M.D., PLLC to learn about cosmetic dermatology in Dallas and the treatments available.

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But if we want to treat brown spots, we have to switch to a different wavelength and do a secondary procedure. With IPL, the broader wavelength allows us to treat both redness and pigment at the same time.

Following your consultation, the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta and Alchemy Aesthetics team will provide a detailed cost with all applicable fees for Dr. Even if the skin feels fine, regular application of sunscreen is needed because your body will still be sensitive to UV radiation. Rays can still impact skin on a cloudy day, so a generous amount of good sunscreen is needed several times a day for up to a month after treatment to ensure proper healing. Following laser treatment, you will have to clean the treated area five times a day before applying an ointment to prevent scabbing. After receiving a ProFractional treatment, you can expect to start seeing results within four to six months. Many patients are happy after just one treatment, which generally takes a half-hour or less.