Fragmentation – A Hidden Disaster in Computer Systems

A hard disk drive must move its read/write heads to access data. Fragmentation of data results in the heads moving more than they should and reducing the time taken to access a single file. Although no noticeable at first, fragmentation builds up slowly until the user realises that there is a performance hindrance.

To simply avoid fragmentation, a computer user should:

have two or more logical partitions as one partition will be kept for the operating system and its important data such as driver software and the other(s) for user data

Install only the Computer system Validation institute in hyderabad software required by the computer system this includes driver software

If a user is connected to the internet, an anti-virus software must be installed along with an anti-spyware software.

Organise data efficiently by keeping them in folders categorised by the data type such as separate folders for videos, text documents and music

Although taking pre-emptive measures are a great way to speed up your pc and safeguard it from fragmentation, the problem may still slowly build up but computer user should not worry because the secret to a fast computer free of fragmentation is Defragmentation software. Defragmentation software uses advance algorithms to re-allocate fragmented space and improve the performance of your system and the life of your hard disk drive.

An immense variety of defragmentation software is readily and easily available online or in-store. Such software are of two types which are Freeware and Shareware. Popular free defragmentation software include a built in defragmentation software in windows operating systems, Smart Defrag, Auslogics Disk Defrag and Ultimate Defrag.

Regardless of whether you are a novice computer user or an expert, the key to a fast computer system is the prevention and elimination of defragmentation. Once a hidden disaster, fragmentation is now a problem no more.

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