Everything you need to know about Sugar waxing, including why it’s better than waxing


If you hate waxing, creams may be the way to get rid of your hair. For women this usually means waxing and is usually unpleasant and painful. In addition to the obvious discomfort associated with waxing. It can cause problems due to residual hair and itchy skin. Fortunately, brazilian wax waxing is a new and improved hair removal method that is a solution to the stress of waxing. 

The pleasant sugaring is similar to waxing (sorry woman), but there are a few significant differences that make it better. First of all, it is the direction in which the hair is pulled. The hot glue mixture is applied in the same direction as natural hair growth, then peeled off the difference. Sugar is made in reverse. Apply cold soda to difference in hair direction and remove hair growth to reduce hair breakage and pore irritation. This reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. The mission  of Evellereis is to make all women feel empowered, confident and beautiful. They have sugaring experts that are trained and certified. If you want to look adorable you should visit here! You will get very pleasant experience because they found sugaring to be the middle-man of hair removal)

Regular wax also sticks to the skin, but sugar does not mix. This means that when you remove the sugarpaste, it holds your hair, but cannot keep the skin, healthy skin like wax. However, the sugar gently removes dead cells and dirt from the skin, making it cleaner and smoother than before.

Temporary redness and itching (which may be less than waxing) is  may occur. As with waxing, you should avoid applying sugar to tanned skin. 

You can even make homemade cookies at home with a few ingredients from the pantry. Simply boil 1 cup white sugar, 1/8 cup water and 1/8 cup lemon juice in a saucepan. Continue to mix to avoid burning. When it boils, reduce the heat to medium and simmer until golden. When it takes on a caramel color, turn off the heat and gently place it in a glass jar without heat (except plastic). Allow to cool at least until the dough is not hot. It should be easy to touch and malleable to the touch. You are then ready to use your own fondant. Moreover, At Evellere, they believe that beauty standards are set by their visitors. The Evellere aims to make you feel beautiful and that beauty to fuel your confidence.   The best thing is that sugaring will give you exactly what you are looking for! So, its time to visit here! They are offering services which include Brazilian sugaring wax, Hollywood sugaring wax, A Bikini sugaring waxFull legs sugaring wax and many more! Their sugaring services are

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