A Korea Translation Agency Can Help

Resolve Language-Related Issues

A Korea translation agency can be a great resource when it comes to resolving language-related issues in your organization. Using a qualified service can ensure that your translations will be of the highest quality and that they are of a professional level. This can be done by counting words and using formatting to change the amount of text on a page. These companies can also perform quality control to ensure that their translations meet your needs.

JR Language Translation

Acclaro is a global translation agency with offices in UK, Romania, Panama, and New Zealand. Acclaro’s 24-hour services help the world’s biggest brands succeed internationally and nationally. Its highly qualified staff translates any type of text in a language other than English, and helps these brands adapt their products to new language regions. JR Language offers professional translation services to individuals around the world, and has high standards for quality and customer satisfaction.


You’ll have no trouble finding reliable Korean translation services thanks to Gengo’s large network of clients. The company has translated millions of words and works with almost 50 global businesses. They offer multiple feedback options. You can read customer testimonials to learn about their positive experiences working with Gengo. You can also check out their translation quality by browsing through their online portfolio. After all, if you can’t read the Korean text properly, then you are not speaking the language fluently.

LTI Korea

LTI Korea is a government-affiliated organization that is committed to promoting Korean literature and culture in the world. They also offer translation services to clients who are interested in bringing their work to the public. LTI Korea has a comprehensive plan for reaching a global audience, ranging from E-books on the Internet to publishers and agencies in bookstores. They will also be reaching out to universities and other organizations in an effort to broaden their client base.


A client recently contacted Tomedes to have a user manual translated from English to Korean. Originally, the client tried translating the manual using machine translation, but the results were unsatisfactory. The client, knowing the importance of having accurate and professional translations, decided to work with a human translation agency. Translation of user manuals requires a great deal of concentration. User manuals contain critical information about a product, and incorrect information could lead to safety concerns, reputational damage, and even legal action against the product’s manufacturer.


When you are looking for a Korean translation agency, you should consider ALTA. The company’s services cover all of Korea’s languages, and its team is staffed with a diverse group of highly trained professionals. Unlike many translation agencies in Korea, Alta has a reputation for delivering high-quality translations. Founded in 1994, ALTA has been an industry leader since its establishment. Its mission is to help people from diverse cultures communicate with one another in an international setting.

NRF’s ‘Korean Masterpiece Translation Support Project’

The NRF’s Korean Masterpiece Translation Support Program has given grants to over 2,000 works of Korean literature, including a selection of classic novels and contemporary works. Those selected receive full translation grants, minus a sample translation payment, which they receive in installments. The projects are located in Korea and many others. They also offer translation and publication support for Korean literature in foreign languages. A summary of selected works and their authors can be found on the NRF website.

LTI Korea’s QCS+ management system

LTI Korea provides a wide range of information services on Korean literature and overseas publishing markets. Through this, the organization creates content that is relevant to the global environment. In 2007, LTI Korea opened its library to the public, which includes translated editions of Korean books. In addition, the institution collects books, periodicals, and CD’s on Korean literature, translation, and publishing. LTI Korea supports cultural diversity in its target languages by encouraging authors to submit their works to various publishers.

LTI Korea’s staff linguists

LTI Korea was established in 2001 as a nonprofit organization founded by the Government of South Korea. Originally known as the Korean Literature Translation Fund, the institute was renamed as LTI Korea in 2002. The founding president of LTI Korea is Dr. Park Huan-Dok. Other officers include Dr. Chin Hyung Joon and Dr. Yoon Jikwan. Four other presidents were appointed by Kim and are Dr. Kim Seong-kon, respectively.